Vehicles registered with the V.A.R.

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1Veteran 71910 Roadster
1Veteran 18/241910 Ranelagh
2Veteran 101912-13 Coupe
293Austin 71924-1931 Box Saloon, Chummy, Fabric saloons, Gordon, Scout, Specials, Top Hats, Vans.
280Austin 71932-1939 Box Saloon, Opal, Ruby, Specials, Vans.
38Austin Big 71937-1939 Saloon
14Austin 81939-1948
104Austin 10/41932-1947 Cambridge, Colwyn, Lichfield, Sherborne.
79Austin 12/4 heavy1922-1930 Burnham, Clifton, Windsor
25Austin 12/4 light1931-1939 Ascot, Harley
25Austin 12/61930-1936 Ascot, Harley
1Austin 14/437 New Ascot
6Austin 14/61935-1938 Goodwood
3Austin 16/41946-1948
37Austin 16/61928-1932 Burnham, Tourer, Windsor
12Austin 18/61933-1938 Becksley, Carlton, Hertford, Iver, Windsor, York
14Austin 201923-1928 Carlton, Ranelagh, Saloon, Tourer

925 Austin Vehicles in total!!!
241 are in bits or are under restoration
684 are motorable

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